We are a couple or creatives with a Labrador mix dog. We have just started a life together and are building every day a simple life of happiness and adventures.

We invite you to follow up on us, we love to travel, eat and cook. We are located in the south of Germany an are new here, so we are exploring all this wonderfull land.

Oliveoil&Gasoline is the travel journal of a gear-head, a dreamer and a rescue dog looking for moments and places where just being is the best thing to do.

We are:

Christoph, German, car lover, art director in advertising, videographer…

Alba, Spaniard, photographer, art director in advertising typographer..

Finley Labrador mix, around 3 years old adopted 1 year ago from Mostar (Yugoslavia) he is a dreamer, runner and a great food thief.

We are home based in Munich Germany.

All the content in this blog is created by us, (photos, videos, type)