PREGNANCY: Best tip ever

Soon even before the belly start to show you feel oppress, I don’t want to spend loads of money in clothes that will last a few months. But my pants are all tight and high raised, like my leggings, and soon I felt super uncomfortable, and wanted some normal pants, cheap.
I looked everywhere (I don’t like shopping online clothes I need to see touch feel etc) all the mother shops are awful!!!! and there was nothing I liked no where.

I asked around (I don’t have many mummy friends) and my dentist who had a little girl told me the best tip every. H&M has a maternity section with nice comfy pants. I saw the light!!!! Everything was on sales (January), I got 3 pairs of pants on my size (black, jeans, grey) and some leggings and thick tights.




That thing that pops from the top is a soft cloth, elastic that will warp ur belly warm and save, here is now winter and I’m loving this pants, thinking of using them always in winter, they make a pretty good butt too. The tops I will solve with my big shirts and some tight t-shirt to saw off belly once is here. Dresses, big jumpers and blazers which I already own.

I find very important in this period of time to look my best and feel good, because on the insight you feel very weird. Once my belly get super big I will feel even more different, so dressing nice is a top priority!
I always go to Pinterest for some fashion inspiration: