PREGNANCY: OMG I’m pregnant!

Monday early in the morning, feeling terrible like sick for 4 days already and my period is missing. So as I promised my self I took a pregnancy test, I have taken them before and they take quite a while… but today I didn’t even have a chance to open my phone and you could see the words “SCHWANGER” (for those who don’t know I life in Germany, means PREGNANT).


I always though the day I read those words I would jump around, dance, laugh or cry…. I only though “ooooooooo oooooooooo I feel so sick”
I went back to bed shaking from he shock and cuddle C thinking how could this news be delivered so early in the morning. I moved and cuddle him so he would wake up and hopefully say something, as he didn’t I whispered “I’m pregnant” He moved a bit and said “jaja funny” and went back to sleeping… so I added “Here is the test, is true”, to which he jumped up turn on the light and checked the test (as you can see he trusts my word) and them finally cuddle me very hard as I was shaking even more. He was very happy to hear the news so was I that someone could demonstrate happiness.


The day you find out is like a trip to the moon, all is so weird, you get used to it, slowly.
We decided not to tell anyone until Christmas when we would be done with the first trimester and the dangerous time.
We didn’t do nothing about it at all no reading, no research, nothing.
We did change our diet a little as we are very healthy already. (no raw meats/fish, no caffeine, no some cheese and the worst no jamon serrano, no deli meats)
To do: call you gynecologists and get an appointment.
And start taking the vitamins that in Germany FEMIBION but your doctor will tell you all about this.

I was super sick all day long with morning nauseas, well they call it morning but that is total BS I had them all the time really bad. Due to this I got a few weeks off work.
Solutions? none sorry to say so, I tried all that I could find on the internet but nothing worked, I barely eat, and lost weight but that is not dangerous at this point. The only thing that made a difference was to eat every 3h (like a clock) very small amounts, my favourite thing was bananas and still is up to today.

That was it for us, we had a big secret we enjoyed keeping between us, and we called it Little thing.
The most amazing thing was to see it for the first time at the first doctor appointment… a little bean with a beating heart, is a unique feeling no words can describe.

OOOOO and don’t panic if you been drinking and eating sushi like a maniac the first month it doesn’t have any relevance at that point, believe me… I know.