Coconut Açai Bowls

What better way to make spring come sooner than to make some coconut bowls?
I personally am a summer person, good weather, and fresh fruits. This winter is been far too long, so in this first sunny warmer days I couldn’t help it, so I made this delicious bowls for breakfast on the weekend.

They are super simple and look super beautiful, take the idea and make it yours, doesn’t have to be Açai, can be yogurt or any fruit smoothie. Add anything you like on them, and if you can get some edible flowers do because they will look amazing.


This is how I did mine.


Whole coconuts (the bigger the better, mine were tiny!)
Açai (I get it frozen)
Ripe bananas
Topping: Chia seed, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi.

And how the hell did u open the coconuts you might be wondering… well my friends that was the fun part.
Drain the coconuts by drilling a whole in those 3 dents that coconuts have. (I did it with hammer and screwdriver).

Grab a big knife, place the coconut on a towel so it doesn’t roll off, and strike with all you might, as if u had a machete in your hand. You will only make a little like, but that is enough (should be).
With a hammer and a flat screwdriver, place the last one in the tiny crack and hammer it. Be careful some coconut bit might fly to your eyes! Keep hammering and it will crack open.

February 28, 2017