Pregnancy: Music for the belly

I had always heard that playing classical music for baby in the belly is great, but that is how far I got. Since I got pregnant my mom is been telling me to do it, as it’s amazing for the baby apparently it calms them down, great for when they are born and you don’t know how to calm them.

Now when I get home we play loud classical music (wich we also enjoy), but I think it might not be enough time, somehow morning seems like a better time to serenade my unborn child with classical hits. So at work, I place the headphone on my lap and play this Spotify list I made of classical music, with a bit of everything.

I thought also that if I used the headphones myself he would hear it, apparently not, but If I’m listening to music and really enjoy a song he feels that mummy is happy.

I just started feeling him move a bit, I can’t tell the difference between music or no music, but the experiment begins now will keep you updated with any changes.

February 27, 2017