Pregnancy: Planning ahead

So this is beginning to get more real as my belly starts to be very noticeable. Everyone has created a chain of used baby things they have at home so it turns up we will have all that we need, which is great as I’m traveling to Spain to give birth with my family and I don’t want to have a baby room yet maybe when it gets older, for now the guest room will remain the same.

So not having the need to nest or buy anything at all, there are a few things that I will like to buy, things I been reading about in blogs.

1-Owlet baby monitor
My New York grandma will get it for us as a present and I’m so happy to be able to have this peace of mind monitor with my first born child, even thou he will be in a house full of doctors, I will sleep better knowing that if he stops breathing all the phones alarms will go off.

2-Breast pump
I don’t care if I will be milked like a cow, I think this gadget means freedom, pass the torch of feeding to daddy at nights or even be able to get away for a few hours without having the guilt of leaving a hungry thing behind. FREEDOM
For this, I need to do some research but all I find is in blogs of American mom’s so they are all American products, there has to be great stuff here in EU…

3-Sling, baby carrier
Not sure the right name for this, but I do know now that I want to carry my baby as close as possible to me, having free hands, and also allowing daddy to feel his son so close as I did during pregnancy. Comfortable, cozy and more freedom.
I found this USA shop but is so cute I want them all…

For now, this is the list of things I want to have for sure when baby arrives in July.
OH! yeah I also wanted him to have a cuddly bunny and I found him a couple of weeks ago in Tia Emma in Frankfurt.. he is soooooo fluffy…