Bushwick the place to be in New York

When traveling to New York again and again and again… one must see different things, thou now this neighborhood has become very trendy (I’ve seen guided tours for the graffiti walls) it’s not very well know.

Is a very quiet and calm area, compared to center of Manhattan. Few people on the streets but loads of little jewels to offer. First the art, the one you find on the street, if full of amazing graffiti done by different artists.

Is a great place to go get some cool pictures for your Instagram account with great backgrounds.

Them there is cool shops, like L. Train the vintage store mention in a previous post. There is also many other cool boutiques with super unique clothing, and accessories, a super cool comic store…

My favorite part as you can guess if you been reading me for a while is the places to eat… ooooo this are good. (Already mention in a post on it’s own is Arepera Guacuco.)
For a great breakfast and super weird atmosphere, you can step in the House of YES this amazing local has the coolest bathrooms ever, amazing gorgeous waiters that are dancers during the nights, great place to sit outdoors and very good brunch, they are a completely different thing at night.

eggs benedict with loads of avocado yuuummmy

For lunch Daniela took us to the most amazing New York pizza I have had so far (I had quite a few pizzas)
is called Roberta’s and is just to die for. We had the “Millennium Falco” to share as we had a good brunch
and it was just amazing. The place is also super cool with great outdoor seating full of young people and great atmosphere.

Then for desert we stumble upon Fine and Raw chocolate factory, they have a cool place, well design and their chocolate is amazing!!! they also sell unicorns for free, but the girl working there that day didn’t  play along with their joke.

So basically my recommendation is go to this cool hood, walk the streets until you cant walk no more and enjoy coz is a unique place and there is millions more places to discover.